About Wilson & Lucie

Wilson and Lucie are proud to live in the beautiful Upper Ottawa Valley, surrounded in a rich culture of fiddle and step dancing. They both love to entertain through their fiddle and dance, all while continuing to promote this traditional art form. Visiting the Pembroke Fiddle & Stepdancing contest in 2018 is where this passion was born.

In addition to fiddling and step dancing, Lucie enjoys cooking, baking and is most often in charge of our Saturday morning breakfasts. Organizing shows, making and selling tickets, and performing in the living room is her happy place. Lucie loves watching movies, making crafts and is learning to sew clothes for her dolls. She often can be found caring for and snuggling with her beloved dog Cuddles, the family Doberman.

Besides fiddling, step dancing, piano and guitar Wilson enjoys gardening and has a deep respect for nature. He has a passion for trees and is very interested in drawing, LEGO, recording and violin construction. If he is not drying spices and herbs he can be found reading with his beloved cat Randy.

Wilson and Lucie have been fortunate to have wonderful teachers in their life: Rhodina Turner (step-dance), Sheryl Fitzpatrick (piano), Elena Semenets (classical piano), Kirsten Waymann (classical violin), Louis Schryer (fiddle) and Kyle Burghout (fiddle), and, of course, their big brother Keegan (piano, music appreciation and theory).

Music highlights include fiddling with some of their musical heros – Calvin Vollrath, Patti Kusturok, Shane Cook, Yvon Cuillerier, Louis Schryer and April Verch.

Wilson and Lucie at the mike


Wilson's Achievements

  • Oct 2022 nominated for 2023 Canadian Folk Music Awards Young performers of the year
  • 2020 – 3rd in USA National Online Fiddle Contest – Junior 12+under
  • 2019 – Ontario Open 9 + under fiddle champion
  • 2019 – Ottawa Fiddle¬† Contest 9 + under champion
  • 2019 – Pembroke Fiddle Contest 9 + under champion

Lucie's Achievements

  • Oct 2022 nominated for 2023 Canadian Folk Music Awards Young performers of the year
  • May/2022 Ottawa Fiddle Contest 9 and under step dancing campion
  • May/2022 Ottawa Fiddle Contest 12 and under fiddle champion
  • 2020 – Canadian Virtual Fiddle 9 + under champion
  • 2019 – Southwestern Ontario 6 + under champion
  • 2019 – Danny O’Connell Memorial Award